social media abuse
Some people are annoying online. Whether they’re filling your Twitter feed with obvious ploys to get new followers, or over-sharing on Facebook, some people just need to chill out.
Don't you think those #365feministselfie pics deserve better than the grainy output of a 1.3 megapixel sensor? I think they do.
life on mars
cell phones
When I found out I was paying $200 to look at Buzzfeed quizzes and have no one call me, I canceled our cell phone plan.
I felt precisely the same way I did before I blew a handful of digital dollars at companies capitalizing on the strange cohabitation of vanity and masochism so prevalent in many women.
social media
In the wake of the overwhelmed Internet have come a new class of apps—apps to keep us from connecting.
Scientists announced the first direct evidence to support the Big Bang. This is a very big deal. Nobel Prize worthy.
I don’t CARE if it was raining the evening of your first date with Rick to Momofuku.
internet magic
A new Twitter game allows you to send erotic, anonymous messages to strangers, and the results are weirdly touching.
secret app
That anonymous comment? You know it’s coming from a friend. You just don’t know which friend.
To maintain my crochety curmudgeon "Never happy with ANYTHING" status, I'm required to tell you that these changes aren't perfect.
Did you post a picture of you having the best time ever online? Yeah, that's a gloatgram.
I want to see just how long I can continue making people squirm and do double-takes every time my phone makes an appearance in public.
smart bracelets
Since more of you were on board with the speaker purses than I imagined, I wondered how y'all would feel about some of the other female-centric products I came across at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.
Harassment probably doesn't seem like a worthwhile issue, if you've never experienced it yourself.
The MacBook is dead; long live the MacBook.
Pulled directly from my "Do Not Want" Files (The Prude Collection) comes Glance, an app that lets you watch yourself have sex during the act, from a variety of angles, while wearing Google Glass. Agghhhh!
bluetooth speakers
Tech/Fashion combos are not all ridiculous, but enough of them are that it hurts. Case in point: a growing number of Bluetooth speakers that are also purses except they're not real purses because you can't carry anything in them.
I never get rid of anything, unless it falls victim to tech failure. I've kept the first website I ever designed, the first poems I've ever written, the portfolio I painstakingly crafted to get into art school - all of it safe and sound, backed up on hard drives.