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Many of my “old haunts” are sex blogs, and seeing some of my favorites go dark over the years has made me as wistful as others might be if they found out that their favorite, childhood roller rink burned down.
sex toys
In a time when “Louis sheets / he sweat it out like washed rags / he wet it up” is an acceptable Grammys performance lyric, buying sex toys is really not a lot more risqué than buying lingerie.
no orgasms
I’m the Meryl Streep of faking orgasms.
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body image
Why would you ever, you ask. Because, I say.

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open thread
We went dutch so often I should be fluent. We never kissed. I never let him cop a feel. Nothing.
Before I have sex I want to make sure I’m at my physical and emotional best so that I don’t end up in a splint afterward – what’s so wrong with that? I want to enjoy the experience my own way, not everybody else’s way.

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This list is hair scrunchie and melon free, I promise.

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What isn’t clear is the nature of the association between casual sex and poor mental health — which is the cause and which is the effect? Why is casual sex such a bummer?
female orgasms
I don’t expect to come from casual sex, while I’m sure every dude I have it with does.
sex education
In the Appalachian region, sex is still often linked to marriage, or at least reproduction, and the choices of teenagers without access to enough information can have long-lasting effects.
Something that didn’t happen to me: I didn’t have an orgasm. As in never.
thought catalog
My challenge isn’t my orgasm—I can handle that on my own. My challenge, guys, is trust.
The idea that no one should ever convince you, using ANY method -- including guilt -- to engage in a sex act was never addressed openly when I was growing up.

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national coming out day
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We’re definitely not doctors and we highly recommend you see your gynecologist or go to the local clinic right away if you think you might have a sexually transmitted infection. But in the interim, we urge you not to panic.
Time and time again, women’s sexual and reproductive lives and choices are labeled shameful by a patriarchal power structure that remains intent on perpetuating our inequality.
teen sex
It might surprise most to learn that my free loving hippie lesbian mother never had "the talk" with me.