This week's horoscopes: Cancer! You're finally getting that kick up the butt you've been needing...

...embrace it, it's definitely a good thing.

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Astrologer in a man sandwich (again, some more)

Serious Saturn loosens up in your relationships: 
Which is great for your libido, but you could be too overcome with lust to make a sensible decision about anything. Go with it if you really want to, but be prepared for the fallout next week.

Your Venus ruler is playing ball
Prepare to get lots of enjoyable attention this week from someone you’ve had your eye on for ages. And the best thing? You’ll get it by just being your usual lovely self.

The love planet dazzles in Gemini
Feeling all-powerful? You should be, anything you want this week will be yours, you just need to ask for it. Just try not to get carried away with all your new-found fame - no-one likes a smug cow...

Life transforming big guns - Pluto and Uranus - are at work...
You’ve been stuck in a rut, but that’s about to change - everything you’ve been working towards is going to shift. Embrace it, it’s the kick up the backside you need...

Mischievous Mercury makes smart moves
Stop talking about all those amazing things you’re going to do, and just get on with them. Think big and keep your sense of humour and you’ll be fine...

Dream merchants Jupiter and Neptune weave their magic
You’re due for an amazing week, and although you’re normally far too sensible to get swept up in events, you’re in danger losing your head a little bit. Try to get a grip - you’re far too cool for that.

Saturn - the voice of authority – speaks out for you
You’re in line for a very successful work week, as long as you pull your socks up and work hard. Show that you can prioritise what’s important if you want to earn some bonus brownie points from your boss.

Uncompromising Pluto - your ruler- offers wise guidance
Been having time management issues lately? This is that super-productive week you’ve been needing to get your life sorted, from boring personal admin to plotting your latest big scheme.

Lucky Jupiter is having a field day - to your advantage
This week it’s time to party - although this could scupper your previously harmonious domestic arrangements if you’re not careful. If you want everyone to be happy, it might be worth keeping yourself in check (read: avoid going totally over-the-top on the party front).

Wise Saturn in on his best behaviour
You have every chance of getting what you want this week. Just make sure you know exactly what it is you’re after, and stick to your guns. Don’t let anyone else derail you, no matter how persuasive they seem...

Rebel-rousing Uranus (your best friend) is up to his tricks
Chill out, keep an open mind and things will definitely happen for you this week. Just make sure you don’t get your fingers burnt in the process (metaphorically speaking - although there’s no harm in being extra careful around open flames in the next seven days...).

Idealistic Neptune and Jupiter are running riot
You’re looking at the world through rose-tinted specs this week - and you’ll certainly get plenty of opportunity to party. Might be worth reigning the hedonism in just a little bit, as you have a tendency to go a bit OTT...

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