This week's horoscopes - 3 - 9 September 2012

This week everyone's taking a risk and moving out of their comfort zone. PLUS: some of you will be getting plenty of action in the sack. It's written in the stars, so it's definitely happening....

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Me practising astrology with my Alpine horn section

Venus canoodles in the House of Romance
In other words: your finances are in a sorry state at the moment, but you’re so distracted with all that bedroom action you’ve been getting, you’ve barely noticed!

The Goddess of Love plays close to home
In other words: even if you’re queen of vanilla shagging, this week you’ll be upping the ante like no-one’s business. Bondage anyone?

Mercury’s sweet nothings hit the mark
In other words: this is the time to get your career on track, even if your ideas are somewhat…fanciful (polite speak for totally mental).

Venus insists on tough love at home
In other words:  if you want to actually make some progress on the home front you’re going to have to square up to all the big problems you’ve been avoiding. Sorry – there’s no way around it.

Your ruling Sun gets lucky
In other words: at the moment you’re busy trying to get all those boring tasks out of the way so you can have some fun. You also look set for a stroke of luck, so buy that lottery ticket now!

High Jinks Jupiter won’t be resisted
In other words: you’re not one of life’s risk takers, but this is the week for abandoning your methodical approach to life and seeing what happens. Terrified?

Affable Venus makes you even more popular
In other words: you just want to kick back and relax, but no such luck my friend – everyone else wants you to be in charge, so you’re going to have to put any plans to chill out on hold.

Your Rulers Mars and Pluto get into the groove
In other words: lack of enthusiasm has never been your problem - you can definitely do anything you set your mind to, even if you’re feeling a bit blah this week.

Your Jupiter ruler is in the mood to expand
In other words: you don’t need to be told twice to take a risk. Make sure you swot up on the small print first, but this could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for…

Venus and Saturn have commitment in mind
In other words: keep you’re eyes open and you’ll realise that someone is watching your every move – and certainly approves of whatever it is that you’re doing…

Venus smoothes the edge in all your dealings
In other words: you may have been accused of being a little smarmy in the past, but whatever it is you’re doing it’s working. IN THE SACK.

Mercury and Neptune weave relationship magic
In other words: a conversation you’ll have this week will leave you on cloud nine, but stop and have a think about what’s been said – read between the lines.