This week's horoscopes - 2-8 July 2012

Passions are flying high in the stars this week, so be prepared to get your rocks off....

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Astrologer flanked by two very handsome men... 

Mars – your dynamic ruler - gets passionate
Passions are running high this week. My guess is that you’ll be having lots of angry sex as a result. Or at the very least you’ll throw a bit of crockery and then have a makeup snog.

Mercury is determined to talk sex
Someone is going to surprise you this week in the bedroom. In fact, my guess is that someone you’d written off as not right for you will turn out to be quite the dark horse. Enjoy!

Lucky Jupiter casts his spell over you
Opportunities and good luck are going to be flung your way from all angles this week. You want to make the most of them, but you don’t want to burn out either. Save some of your energy for the weekend…

The Full Moon sheds light on relationships
Expect things to come to a head with your best mate this week. Even if this makes things a bit emotionally wrought, you should come out smelling of roses.

Manic Mercury keeps you on your toes
There’s lots going on this week, but it’s an excellent opportunity to make yourself heard. So, whatever your agenda make sure you bang on about it at great length to anyone who’ll listen…

Neptune keeps someone (is it you??) in a dream
Whatever’s been playing on your mind, it’s time to fess up. You’ll feel loads better for it, once everyone’s stopped pulling their shocked faces at you…

Mercury and Uranus get busy together
You love your best friend, but she isn’t half being difficult at the moment by totally mucking up your carefully laid plans. Take a deep breath, reboot and start again – everyone will be amazed at quite how brilliant you are…

The exotic zone is beckoning you
You’ve got itchy feet and you’re not going to be able to concentrate until you’ve booked that weekend away/beach holiday/massive adventure you’ve been planning.

Loving Venus softens up tricky relations
It’s make your mind up time – what do you actually want out of your relationship? It may be going well, but is it actually giving you what you want?

Home and work zones compete for your attention
This is going to be a high-pressured work week. You can handle anything, of course, but you might have to think outside the box to get things done. Even if you personally hate the phrase ‘think outside the box.’

Venus, the attraction principle, is on your side
Don’t overthink things it’s a good week to have some fun, so keep things light-hearted and just go with it… You definitely have an admirer.

Venus smarming up to Neptune is clearly loved-up
You’re a big fan of following your gut instinct, but this is the one time when that could massively backfire on you. You’re putting someone on a pedestal, which means they might disappoint you.

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