This week's horoscopes - 13 - 19 August 2012

This week it's all about biding your time and playing nice...

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Me practising astrology with my Alpine horn section

Mars, your ruler, is under manners
If you’re in the heady early stages of a new relationship, try not to let your impatience get the better of you – you’ll have a much better chance of creating something that lasts in the long run if you bide your time…

The Sex Planet toys with danger...
Things might be getting intense with a certain someone, but make sure you get to know each other properly (I know, BORING) before you make your moves…

Uranus has a spark of genius
You’re starting to terrify everyone a bit with your brilliance. No seriously – you might be keeping everyone on their toes, but there’s also a chance that you’re a little bit… much.

Uncompromising Pluto grapples with relationships
No-one knows how to get their own way better than you, but other people can be tres manipulative too – so make sure you stay on alert…

The Sun Goddess (you!) can’t resist unruly forces
You’ve absolutely got it going on (finger snap) this week. You might have to roll with a few changes though – but you can handle it…

Venus and Pluto have an agenda on love
Latex anyone? It’s time to unleash youre seriously kinky side this week – seriously, anything goes, so whatever your wildest fantasy is, spill.

Mars and Saturn get a grip on your desires
It’s time to get out there and get networking. You might be tempted to butt heads to get what you want, but play nice if you want to get your own way…

Your Pluto-ruler is especially loved-up
You’ve got a lot on this week, but if you’re strong-willed enough, you’ll get anything done. Just make sure you don’t backtrack on a certain sexy promise you may have made…

The Money Planets talk big bucks...
Put that credit card away! You want nothing more than to blow some cash right now, but it’s time for a reality check. Get smart with your finances instead.

Pluto and Venus get down and dirty
You’ve been dancing around one particular paramour for a while now, but it’s now or never, so go for it. Apart from anything else, you’ll finally discover what really turns them on…

Mercury is on top diplomatic form
It’s time to cut some of the dross out of your friendship circle. That might sound a bit ruthless, but it’s good advice. Follow your gut instinct as to who the people worth knowing are…

Pluto and Venus will try to make you choose
It’s the classic dilemma – friends or boyfriend? You certainly can’t please everyone so stop trying, be true to what you want instead. It’s easier said than done, but it’s definitely the right thing for you…