This Week's Horoscopes 8-14 October 2012

You're on fire at work - will you let than fun extra curricular activity derail your plans?

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Me on an astro time travel-stint casting horoscopes in Napoleonic battle fields

Majestic Mars is up to more tricks
You might have been hoping for a bit of a breather now, but no such luck. This week is going to continue to be relentless, but in a good way. Don’t worry, you’ve got the stamina for it.

Dark Pluto has an increasingly erotic edge
Ooh, you kinky so-and-so, you! This week might get hectic, but make sure you make time for plenty of bedroom action, as things are about to heat up. If you know what I mean. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, etc.

The Partnership Arena gets hectic
For the most part, everything is going to be tres harmonious in your world this week. However, you’re going to have a serious difference of opinion with the most important person in your life. And there’s not a lot you can do about it, so prepare for fireworks.

The Gambler Planet sets the scene
This week your relationships will be moving in a very interesting direction. Someone close to you will also surprise the bejesus out of you with a very generous offer. Just try not to look too surprised when they come up with the goods…

Your Radiant Ruler brings the luck of the Gods
You know that annoying smug boasting thing other people do? That’s exactly what you need to get on board with this week. Forcing yourself into the limelight like that might feel a bit iffy, but it’ll definitely pay off.

Pluto gives you x-ray vision
What would you rather be doing, paying off your credit card bill, or getting some action? If the answers the former, then a) you’ve got problems and b) you need to remedy that, stat. Start this week, and give your love life the attention it deserves.

Let the Sun reveal you as the goddess you are
The cardinal rule of not being a smug git? Never believe your own hype. That’s going to be easier said than done this week. One person in particular is determined to big you up. Enjoy it, just remember that there’s nothing wrong with a bit of modesty.

Your do or die ruler Pluto pinpoints the truth
You’re not necessarily known for speaking your mind, but this week you’re going to have to be a little more forthright than usual (also known as gobby). Don’t be shy about it though, you’ll be able to talk anyone into anything.

Your expansive ruler Jupiter does great PR
You’re going to have to keep your mouth in check and exercise the sort of diplomatic restraint normally shown at the UN this week. Keep everyone happy on the surface, and you’ll discover that you can get away with murder (not literally, just FYI).

Stern Saturn meets feel-good Neptune
You’re on fire, work-wise, and are amazed at how organised you’re being with everything. However the whole thing may well get derailed with one ill-judged night out. Don’t be too hard on yourself though, everyone deserves a break.

Feisty Mars messes in with rebellious Uranus
You can’t plan anything this week – all the most exciting things will crop up when you least expect it, and you’ll just have to roll with them. Make sure you’re organised when it comes to the basics, then everything will go swimmingly…

Sensible Saturn keeps a lid on things
You’re totally living in your own head at the moment, which is fine, but you’ll have to make a reluctant return to the real world for a bit if you want all those fantasies to become a reality.