People come to a group fitness class so that someone else will force them to make an effort. As it turns out, the quickest and laziest route to that is food-shaming (which I refused to do).
online exercise
Getting to the gym is tough, so what's better than staying in your comfy abode and STILL getting a good workout in?
food porn
To help ease my cravings for cake, pie, fried chicken, and muffins, I’ve become a bit of a virtual food porn whore.
how not to be a dick
body issues
Slowly, I began to feel uncomfortable eating junk around Nick. He would be slamming down protein shakes, growing bigger and stronger, while I remained small and soft and unsure of what to do with this vast difference in body type.
working out
In general, songs about clubbing and ex boyfriends makes me want to fill my ears with gum.