ex boyfriends
I crashed my ex-boyfriend's wedding. I swear it wasn't on purpose.
I unsubscribed to The Knot's wedding planner app when it alerted me that I had not "started a fitness routine to get in shape for the wedding."
It's getting crazy out there. SPECIAL BONUS!! Other random things that can be bothersome when attending other people's weddings (especially as a single lady).
you are the advice columnist
We had to do a lot of it ourselves, but in the end, there was no doubt that the wedding was ours -- customized to the last detail.
I had to restrain myself from getting into a full-on white trash wedding salon brawl.
I’d rather duck and roll from the moving vehicle then face another person expecting me to giggle and gush over the details.
I've been married to my husband for 11 years, and I'm currently planning a wedding to my boyfriend, too. Yes, we're polyamorous. No, we're not freaks.
In a hazy series of, “Is this a nightmare romantic comedy of my mind’s own creation?" vignettes, at least a dozen distant relatives, paesans, aunts, uncles, godfathers and grandparents came up to me, all delivering some version of the line, “You’re next, right?”
Learn from my mistakes, and be calmer, more graceful, and better prepared than I ever was.
the new york times
The New York Times' latest "Vows" column uses the death of a little girl as a plot line in a yoga couple's love story. Eek.
I want to hug you in your white dress and dance with your relatives and potentially make out with a groomsman. Really, I do.
getting married
I was assured that my feelings were just wedding jitters, stress about the planning, excitement for the big day, and after a while I started to believe it.
false eyelashes
In which I go from barely remembering to put on mascara to full-blown Beyonce.
The Wedding Industrial Complex is an insidious machine that can creep into all your thoughts and turn even the most well intended bride into a little ‘zilla.
wedding dresses
He came with me to the dress shop and picked it out himself, even though he hadn't proposed. I'm not sure why I ever wanted him to.
Unless you’ve been some sort of reclusive misanthrope for the better part of your young adulthood, you’re going to wake up on your 28th birthday neck-deep in wedding invitations.
My immediate response to this question is “HELL no, are you mad?!” but friends have asked me this in all seriousness several times now, and I did spot a girl in white at a wedding recently, still, really?

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Hearing it barely even qualifies as bittersweet for me. It just feels like any other favorite song.
I polled some recently married friends for feedback on the most beloved wedding gifts they received that weren’t on their registries, and the feedback was enlightening.
ihtm contest
What had been a complicated father-daughter relationship became an impossible one.