One day I was sitting in my corner office, with an assistant to order my lunch every day, and then I was making seventy-five dollars (before taxes) by sitting in the background of a movie for upwards of fifteen hours.
All my closest friends (save one) are unemployed, some recently and others going on years without a job.
I hear so many hiring managers bitching about potential employees but they never want to deal with the awkwardness of saying it to candidates directly. That's where I'm going to come in.
I'm only having nightmares pretty much every night and stockpiling ramen like I'm planning for the apocalypse. That's all.
I spend most of my time trying to find a job. I would really prefer if we spent this social time discussing something else.
I sat in the bath and blasted Haim, Little Mix and Katy Perry from my phone whilst Tweeting about my naked sadness. And then Firework came on and, doughnut in one hand, phone in the other, I sang along and burst into tears.
I have learned some things about keeping one’s head screwed on straight while going through the extremely stressful purgatory of being underemployed in a horrendous job market.