engaged friends
To her fancy engaged lady, I feel like an unpredictable 20something toddler, one drunken mistake away from totally sabotaging my love life forever.
Think of all the opportunities that you have passed over because you were scared -- think of all the times your fear has kept these opportunities from even coming your way. What have you lost?
While the real world can seem scary sometimes, and we can feel like we’re not nearly as grown up as everybody else seems to be, the books of our childhood can still serve to bring us together, and keep us growing up.
in a relationship
I don't know what I should do, and I have NO idea how I can stop acting like this. I know this sort of behavior isn't healthy.
Time to get old, chickens. Let's have a structured headwear moment.
in my head blog
“Do you think I’ll ever be skinny?” my daughter asked. No, honey, no. I do not think you will ever be skinny.
stuffed animals
Will it be an innovative, interesting little film, or will it be another pile of sexist schlock about girls, growing up, and emotions?
When I have kids, I'm going to reassure them that the best is always yet to come.
It was a chance for a proper, decent goodbye with a good man who had treated me very well, and I blew it, preferring to sneak off in the middle of the night to go home alone and
you are the advice columnist
The name fits me less than it did before, and no amount of asking will get them to stop.
I almost didn't get this article turned in because I was watching all of "Roseanne." #sorrynotsorry
They lied when they said that going to the principal would resolve it. It's okay, though, I turned out fine.
There are a few things that a younger version of me wrongly assumed I would own by now, as if a box would have miraculously appeared on my doorstep labeled “Miscellaneous Adult Necessities.”
Everyone's idea about the number of friends you should have is "unrealistic" and realizing this is a "normal part of growing up" that unfortunately doesn't get a ton of airtime.

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