Described as “our boneless chicken covered in toppings, sauces, and cheeses,” This product begs the question “WHY?”

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Spam really is everywhere.

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cherry bombe jubilee
The FDA is proposing some controversial changes to that familiar "nutrition facts" label, like accounting for the fact that NO ONE eats just a half-cup of ice cream. Are you into it?
Also: xoEditors reveal their Death Row menus. It's a really tasteful piece.

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The choice to not eat meat is a gentle choice -- gentle on our bodies, our minds and the planet. That's why I am truly envious of people who can be vegan.
Don’t think, because you can tweet a link to a totally un-fact-checked blog about why sugar is baked-goods bioterrorism, that the person offering you a cookie will appreciate that information.
Seriously, I am a consummate moron in the kitchen, and I managed to pull these off. Eventually.
Mention Nooch to your token vegan friend and I promise their eyes will light up. We use it on just about everything.
When we first got together two years ago, I was a little bit concerned about our different approaches to eating. As it turns out, it’s not a big deal at all.
Gastronomic voyeurism may seem like a “strange new fad/fetish” but, uh, have you ever heard of the Food Network?
I can’t be the only woman, parent, or being on Earth that thinks we should totally move past requiring baking and cooking as some part of group or togetherness activity
When we toasted, I made sure they understood—really understood—what our fancy dinner date was all about.
elizabeth street
You can get dinner on the table at reasonable hour after work if you get organized, shop smart, and have a serious plan for that precious action time between walking in the door and dishing up plates for everyone.
It's actually ridiculous how much money one saves bringing lunch to work.
Brunch should be reserved for Mother's Day and for when you are still drunk from the night before. Shut up with your artisanal bread-toast!
eating disorders
Eating disorders are disorders based in shame, and as a man I felt a whole additional level of shame.
Not for diet reasons, but because I literally can't stop returning to the kitchen to shove it in my maw, regardless of whether I'm hungry, to the point that I actually make myself sick. Good times.
It’s been about one year since I made myself throw up -– last Thanksgiving.