I don't know why I like this stupid holiday so much, but I do. It probably has something to do with my love of themed food.
Answering questions about your job/marital status/womb is just a little easier with a cocktail in hand.
Enjoying flavored vodka doesn't make you a wuss, and preferring scotch doesn't make you admirable. Get over yourself.
Use science to make margaritas that look like eggs and tiny balls made of blue curacao.
victim blaming
Yet another column takes the stand that the key to not getting raped is in not drinking. What's going on?
Because I'm always on the lookout for creative new ways to make my brain shut the hell up.
I’m going to show you how to make your own alcoholic beverage in less than three days for 10 dollars or less (including initial equipment investment)!
Did you know that the technical term for a hangover is “veisalgia”? It’s basically Norwegian for "uneasiness following debauchery," and is the best way to describe how I feel after drinking, both physically and mentally.
what the parenting books don't tell you
Also, can we come up with something new to call them so it doesn’t sound like I’m going over to Donna Reed’s house?
The Higgs Boson is confusing. Things written by David Lynch are confusing. The fact that my skin is both oily AND flaky is confusing. Beer is actually pretty simple.
Whenever a new flavored beer monstrosity makes its way to the market, I am at once hopeful and terrified. Recently, the internet has been yapping about this new chocolate peanut butter beer from DuClaw, Sweet Baby Jesus.
i love to talk about therapy
I flipped in the air and almost died. More importantly, I came scarily close to hitting people, too.
I hear a rumor you can use vodka as a toner -- you know, to tighten your pores and ward off acne.
There are certain consumables that I must put in my body EVERY time I am at Disneyworld. One of these is Dole Pineapple Whip, aka The Edible Smile of God.
Whenever we’re talking about our favourite cocktails or spirit of choice in the office, I feel myself turning, inevitably, into my alter ego, The Gin Bore. This is not to say I actually know loads about gin, more that I think I do. Delightful.
Today everyone in classes chatted about how fun SXSW was, while I sat awkward and silent.
For those of you following along at home, it should be pretty apparent by now that I will eat/drink anything for attention and/or love. Here is my alcoholic equivalent of the ridiculous sandwich post. It had to be broken up into two days because I have to work in the morning. I hope you enjoy it.
Dry January has been over for three weeks and I’m back to square one. Actually, not quite square one - I’m back to drinking far too much again, only now I feel horrifically guilty about it. Which is nice.

Feb 18, 2013 at 3:00pm | 9 comments

dry january
I’m still on the wagon folks! I’ve also become a little bit evangelical about not drinking. WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME???