Robyn Wilder and Stuart Heritage of LUV and HAT take on today’s sexiest burning issue.
Solving advertising with swearing and PhotoShop.
robyn wilder
The further adventures of xoJane’s resident extreme dieter, Tube gap victim, and enemy of advertising.

Jan 18, 2013 at 3:59pm | 14 comments

boris johnson
We've dusted off one of our earliest IHTMs for your reading pleasure - the time when Robyn didn't mind the gap...
robyn wilder
Don’t let rhinovirus ruin the party season! Pimp your plague with these ‘fun festive tips’.
robyn wilder
“Don’t let me shit myself,” I thought. Then I passed out. When I came to, I was covered in breast pumps. Ladies and gentlemen, my first panic attack.
very low calorie diet
Hey everyone, I’m done living off my own body fat! What do I do now? Can I eat that potato? Do I look fat in this? Hold me.
extreme dietry
Fear the flab and do it anyway: a lesson in inspiration (not thinspiration).
Panic in the streets of Robyn, panic in the streets of Robynham.
Spooky but groovy, like H.P. Lovecraft in flares and a training bra.

Oct 31, 2012 at 3:59pm | 15 comments

very low calorie diet
In which all diet and no diet makes Robyn a DIET DIET.
robyn wilder
brad pitt
Have you seen the new Brad Pitt Chanel advert? He looks like a minor country music celebrity making a regret-tinged public service video about hepatitis.
very low calorie diet
robyn wilder
If my diet is a Tolkien epic, this week is my Two Towers. But am I Gollum, or Gandalf the White?*
Like normal Hollyoaks, but with more swearing, bums and mediocre rappers.
extreme diets
In which I disappear down the rabbit hole. THE RABBIT HOLE OF HAM.
extreme diets
In which Robyn definitely doesn’t endanger any nuns.
body image
SIX hundred calories a day! NO carbohydrates! HUMAN sacrifice! DOGS and cats living together! OTHER lazy pop culture clichés!
In which I become creepily infatuated by Hollyoaks’ superhero lady detective.
advertising for women
Menstruating Olympic high-jumpers WILL be harangued by female comedians dressed as Republicans. FACT.
Step 1: identify it; Step 2: isolate it; Step 3: learn from it; Step 4: attack it with a BAZOOKA; Step 5: drink gin, dance around the house in your pants.

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