mary lambert
I talked with the singer-songwriter about beauty, body image, sabering open a bottle of champagne with a sword, and OH YEAH, those two Grammys she's up for on Sunday.
kathleen hanna
But this is my second time interviewing her -- that automatically makes us BFFs, right? A little? No? Anyway, here's what the feminist punk icon has to say about riot grrrl, Lyme disease, "Scandal," and the new movie about her.
Jenn Tisdale got to do just that, with none other than JAMES DEEN (!). And then she got to write about it, and then I simply HAD TO ask her some kiss-and-tell Qs about their dirty encounter.
kanye west
Famous black men who regularly engage in public displays of confidence irk simply because they’re not an acceptable face of blackness.
"I don’t want to create something selfishly that’s just for me to wear, although I want to wear it, I want it to be something that resonates with people too."

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