If you are a woman on her period in Texas who would like to watch her legislators in action today, you're gonna have to leave a stain on the seat. Cause those senators don't want anything to plug up your ultra scary VAGINA.

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Right now, the 83rd Texas Legislature is in full swing, entering day 12 of its 2nd 30-day special session. On the menu for today? Guaranteed passage of HB2, a sweeping piece of abortion regulating legislation
To celebrate this landmark moment in the war on women, state troopers have begun confiscating tampons, maxi pads, and “feminine hygiene” products from female spectators looking to enter the gallery and watch their government make decisions that will directly impact their lives. 

Photo via Jessica Luther.

I’d like to take this opportunity to point out that there are ways to hide a tampon that may be a little more secret than in your handbag, and might make a bit more of an impact were you to throw it at your state senator. 

Donita Sparks of L7 at the Redding Festival in 1992. Photo via Spinner.com.

Also, Texas lawmakers, here’s a pro tip: if you are afraid of your constituents throwing shit at you, it may be a sign you are doing something wrong. GOD BLESS TEXAS.

I'm a foot fetishist's DREAM today on xoJane.

A HUGE, HEARTFELT to the BAD-ASS Texas women and men who have shown up, stood up, and spoken up for women everywhere. My heart is full and my heart is humbled. 
UPDATE 5PM PT: Texas DPS troopers clearly took their Midol, and are now allowing folks to bring tampons into gallery again. 
More to come as it happens.
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