Where Should I Go In Detroit And New York For Amazing Food And Clothes?

What's new? What's good? Shall I do the GIRLS tour?

Mar 29, 2013 at 10:00am | Leave a comment

On Monday I’m going to the US for two weeks on holiday (soz potential burglars, we’ve got a flat sitter!) and will be visiting Detroit and New York. I’ve never been to Detroit before, but have made three previous trips to NYC so here’s what I need to know, dear readers: where should I go for the best eats and clothes?


On the boardwalk in Coney Island which always makes me think of the Fountains of Wayne song Red Dragon Tattoo

I am a long-time devotee of both Man v Food (Adam Richman, swoon) and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives so would like some authentic, down-home recommendations for all-American grub. God I’m getting hungry just thinking about the melty, meaty, cheesy goodness that’s waiting for me...


Cupcake at Sugar Sweet Sunshine in NYC - will be going back to sample the banana pudding

Fashion-wise, I want to throw myself into the welcoming embrace of preppy American brands that you can’t find in the UK and are a pain to order online (I’m looking at you J.Crew with your ludicrous sizing guide – if you have a UK e-tail site, why have US sizing, hmm?) I really want to go to Madewell and get myself Alexa-fied and will certainly be cruising past Marc by Marc Jacobs, the Opening Ceremony mothership and Kiehls, but where else should I go?

I’m feeling a bit ‘meh’ about vintage these days – I don’t have the energy or attention span to rifle through rails of motheaten Afghan coats and polyester in the hope of unearthing a gem.


Appletini at the W Hotel - yes, I spent the last trip eating and drinking, what of it?

Oh and I s’pose a bit of culture ought to be consumed at some point too, along with the burritos. Where’s good for live music in good ol’ Detroit and is there anywhere other than the Frick Collection that I need to visit in Manhattan (the Met and Guggenheim were ticked off the list last visit.)

Ok, share your tips below please - I need to make lists!