Boozy Monday! The Mark Fast LFW cocktail

Here is the third and final cocktail from the May Fair Hotel's special London Fashion Week menu: The Mark Fast

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The Mark Fast cocktail at the May Fair Hotel

The aim of the Mark Fast cocktail was to try to communicate the designer's intricate, loose knitwear - a tough challenge you might think, but one that the May Fair's mixologists met with a witty solution: a spiral of orange peel that was unravelled into the glass to look like the open texture of a Mark Fast signature knit. Other themes that Mark wanted to be included were: liberation, minty fresh, green, trident gum and menthol. So how did it turn out?

The Recipe:
Sailor Jerry's rum
Ten cane rum
Lime wedges
Gomme syrup
Mint leaves
Shake ingredients with ice in cocktail shaker, then strain into tall glass
Garnish with mint leaves and Orange 'knit'

Watch Mark Fast's spring/summer 2013 catwalk show at 5pm today on our live stream!

The LFW Designer Cocktail Collection (£13 per cocktail) will be available from 6th – 23rd September at the May Fair Bar, The May Fair Hotel, 
Stratton Street, 


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