Boozy Friday: Olympic Special!

We’re paying tribute to one of our greatest living Olympians… through the medium of GIN

Jul 27, 2012 at 4:35pm | Leave a comment

Today we’re live at The Fringe 2012 - a pop-up members club which is situated a mere 100m from the Olympic stadium. It’s hot and sunny and we’re ridiculously excited about tonight’s opening ceremony (well, I am and I think Rebecca is too, secretly, though she won’t admit it, yet…)


The Ginford Christie in all its glory

So for this week’s Boozy Friday we asked Frankie from Sweet & Chilli to make us a special cocktail to mark this momentous occasion and he graciously obliged with the delicious Ginford Christie (if you’re thinking ‘Linford’s lunchbox’ right now, shame on you!)


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