real history
I'm starting a girl gang and I'm calling it FUSTY LUGGS; who's coming with me?
Sometimes the true story is even creepier than the movie.
If you like chai and you tend to drink it at coffeehouses, you know it's expensive per cup. Brewing it at home is way less expensive, and way more satisfying, because you can tweak tea, sugar, and spicing levels to make a chai you love.
wish list
About twice a year, I have this urge to throw away all of my crap and buy new, streamlined crap that is all very minimalist and goes together. This urge usually surfaces after reading Martha Stewart Living or Real Simple or a similar publication.
being a mom
all-girls schools
thought catalog
6. Witty responses to something someone said a long time ago.
IHTM: I fell over. Let's talk about our scars and how we got them!
creepy corner
Love knows no bounds, and neither did Carl Tanzler.
Sometimes I wish I were a complicated muse-type of broad who is supermodel-tall and once touched JD Salinger’s penis. Other times, I'm soooo glad I'm not.

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christina tosi
Christina Tosi is the chef, owner and founder of Momofuku Milk Bar, called “one of the most exciting bakeries in the country” by Bon Appetit Magazine. In short, she's very impressive.
I, like my parents before me, throw myself 150% into things before moving swiftly on to the next new exciting phase.
walk of shame
Or "strides of pride," depending on how you want to look at life.
We had to do a lot of it ourselves, but in the end, there was no doubt that the wedding was ours -- customized to the last detail.
I know most people have an attachment to their hair, but I’ve never felt that way myself. When I mentioned it to my hair stylist, she happily whipped out the hair buzzer.
There are two types of humans on this planet: Those who prefer cookie dough to baked cookies and those who are idiots.
I like to think of myself as an adventurous person, who cheerily goes new places and explores unfamiliar experiences with zeal. But this is totally a lie.

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Enjoying nature is not natural to me—playing with kids about as easy as pulling a wagon full of bricks. But I promise myself to try to do a little better by my girls—to pull myself out of myself.
The list is based largely on where I thought was cool.
do this don't
Something happened when I started dressing like a fully functioning human again: my productivity increased, and I felt more professional.