Rihanna forced to roam the streets of London at 6am

She may or may not have gone for a McDonald's breakfast, but we can't confirm this

Jun 28, 2012 at 10:35am | Leave a comment


Rihanna posted a pic of herself hanging out in a taxi on Twitter

Poor Rihanna, she was kicked out of her London hotel room at 6am yesterday morning.

While the rest of us (me) were getting our beauty sleep before the xoJane launch party last night (incidentally, I’m really sorry to everyone I staggered over to and told I love, although I totally meant it), Rihanna was being evacuated from the Corinthia hotel in Whitehall, after a small fire.

The singer was forced to roam the streets, before finally sheltering in a taxi. She tweeted: ‘Roamin da streets since 6am! Fyah in da telly #evacuationlife’

I like to think she killed time by going for a McDonalds breakfast and eating it in Trafalgar Square like every woman who’s ever had to hang around in town waiting for the first train home, but she’s probably got an entourage for that sort of thing these days…