How to cure a hangover with beauty products*

*When I say ‘cure’ clearly I mean ‘disguise’ because nothing can really banish the wretched nausea, pounding headache and general misery of a badass hangover…

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Last night was our work summer party and it’s fair to say a few of my colleagues are looking and feeling a little ‘tired’ this morning (those who aren't 'working from home'… Rebecca[Sorry Phoebe! Although the related guilt has meant that I've actually done some work. Who knew? ]) So I thought I’d share with them – and you – some of my favourite products for minimising the appearance of a hangover.

1. Red lipstick
Actually I think red lipstick is a cure for many of life’s ills. Even if your hair is a mess and you have puffy eyes and a pallid complexion after a heavy night, a slash of scarlet lipstick will draw attention away from those areas and focus it on your brilliantly chic, glamorous mouth. My favourites: Estee Lauder Double Wear Lipstick in No. 10 Stay Scarlet (rich and glossy), MAC Russian Red (bluish and matte) and Kate Moss for Rimmel.


Estee Lauder red lipstick and Miners chubby stick

2. Faust’s Asleep and Awake potions
I feel like Alice in Wonderland when I drink these magical vials, which contain natural perker-uppers and stomach-settlers like Green Tea, Milkthistle, Gingko Biloba, Korean Ginseng, and Guarana. ‘Asleep’ is red berry flavour and ‘Awake’ (the one I’m drinking right now) is orange. I can’t promise that it smells great, but added to water, it tastes quite nice. £4.99 for the two from


Faust's Awake and Asleep potions, £4.99 from

3. Eyeliner
Add definition to booze-induced piggy eyes with a smudge of kohl pencil and a couple of coats of mascara. And hey, if you went to bed without taking your make-up off, this will look even more rock ‘n’ roll! Think Debbie Harry, not Robert Smith (that goes for the red lipstick too…) I love my trusty old Rimmel kohl pencil, but sometimes switch it up with Miners’ chubby eye pencil in navy.


Look how perky I appear in my shades and red lipstick! Lies, all lies...

4. And when all else fails, just put some sunglasses on. Yes, even in the office. These are from Kurt Geiger.

So what are your beauty solutions for concealing a stinking hangover? Share!

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